Friday, June 24, 2011

Getting Over It

I've reached a point in my hobby, one that all of us reach eventually. It's that point that invites things like house rules and things taken "in the spirit of the game." It's a simple realization that everybody comes to eventually, and can be easily summed up by the words of one Captain Planet:

Simply put, it is your hobby and you should be able to enjoy it as you wish to. I recently had chance to apply this paradigm shift when looking at my newest Malifaux crew, the Viktorias. I started putting a list together, and a pattern started to take shape. We have gunslinger Vik, a girl with a trenchcoat that apparently incorporates a corset as well as sword mistress Vik, a girl wearing a collar, some leggings, and not much else. Ronin add some hot cowgirls, which is always a good thing, and to round it out we have Taelor, Lady Hammerstrike, who has possibly the best underboobs ever seen on a miniature (on this scale, at least). Then, to round out the crew, we have this:

Wyrd's Registered Sex Offender

Not a bad looking model by any means, but I'm pretty sure he doesn't quite fit my theme. I want this army to flow more like hot girl > hot girl > hot girl, not hot girl > hot girl > pedophile. But alas, that is the model that Wyrd has graced us with, and I must do my best with what I have. Perhaps with a good paint job, I could.... wait, what am I talking about? Fuck this noise; it's my army and my game and I'm going to enjoy it. I took the liberty of ordering the Conflict Gunslinger's stat card and, instead of using their model, I'm going with this:

Reaper Mini's Ellen Stone, Cowgirl, painted by Jennifer Haley

Not bad at all. Down the line I might get an "offical" model in case I'm playing in a Wyrd sponsored tournament or the like, but I don't think anybody is going to have any problem with my little change for the sake of cleavage during day to day play. Hell, I think either gender can appreciate my choice just for not having to look at that guy. He seriously has some problems, and I think perhaps the therapy isn't working.

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