Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Welcome to the inaugural post of The Baron's Manor, where i shall pontificate on all things that come into my mind concerning gaming and the like. I fully intend to keep this blog going with updates on my hobby, though I also know that I am very unlikely to do so. Consider this your first and only warning to that regard. Even with the celebration of the Manor's opening, I would not start this without contributing something. In that regard, here are my feelings concerning the local Games Workshop Battle Bunker.

I entered the store whilst running other errands in the area, and was pleased to be warmly greeted by one of the employees there. This is always the case, and unlike the rather ill tempered greeters at many a retail store these clerks seem honestly welcoming. This employee, who will I will simply call M for the sake of pseudoanonymity, has been fairly helpful since I began my Ork army. Being a member of the grand Waaagh himself, he always has interesting conversion tips. Today he even had some deffkoptas he was more than willing to part with for an amazingly fair price. I mentioned needing something for boomguns on my looted wagons and, like a flash, he was there with some spare artillery free of charge. M's rather effective "I will be nice so you'll want to be here" strategy worked well and, in the end, I spent well over twenty of my hard-earned dollars on hobbying supplies.

I know many of my brethren have had trouble in the past with the GW staff, as have I. It seems, however, that the current group has stabilized into employees that honestly enjoy their jobs and their customers. The only real issue I have had with them is that they would much rather fill up the main gaming area past capacity for comfortable playing instead of opening up the second area. This makes very little sense to me, as I prefer to have a less crowded environment and the fact that they never open up the second area means that they are essentially wasting more than half of their building. Not only that, but that second half of the building is the most visible from the roadway. I doubt it helps their sales to have a big empty storefront at all times.

If you're reading this, red shirts, please. Open the doors. Let us in so that we may game in the illustrious splendor of tables that aren't the same half dozen with space so that we don't end up elbowed by little kids trying to make it to the bathroom. Please.

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